FAQ “Things you may want to know about me “

  • How old are you… “Early 30’s”
  • who wrote the script for the videos……”Halle Moore, I’m very picky, I wish I could have filmed it myself!  LOL”
  • who is the director and videographer ……”None of your business. But he’s a great guy that I love working with”
  • who is you photographer……” Most of my photos was shot with a playboy photographer, some in Miami”
  • where was the new video filmed at……”At my house in the suburbs of Minneapolis” second half was at a hotel.
  • how much does your videos cost, is its expensive… Please stop asking this”
  • what is your nationality…..”I’m half Asian and African American”
  • how often do you film videos…” I’m pretty anal about updates: I predict that I’ll be updating quarterly”
  • why does your rates change from city to city …. depends on the market
  • how long have you been in the business……”March 2011″
  • do you have any other pursuits….”I’m a small business owner in the twin cities.”
  • I read reviews that say your really shy … “Yes! very much,  but open up quickly”
  • Do you see a lot of clients….”why do you care?  I’ll tell you this…. “I love what I do”
  • Do you see black guys… Not often. Must be over the age of 50
  • what are you attracted to…”White males.. Business type 50 and older, I love older guys!!”
  • What turns you on the most…”I love A guy in a sports coat… slacks or Jeans :) 
  • Have you had any Plastic surgery….”Breast augmentation”
  • do you have a boyfriend or husband …”No, and I’m not looking for one”
  • how long you plan on being in the business…”Until the fun stops.. If I could stop getting so turned on, Sooooo turned                                                                                             on,  I would have stopped long time ago LOL”
  • what kind of music do you like.  ” Tom Petty is my ATF” I love Rock, Jazz, Pop and some Country..
  • What do you do for fun.. ” I absolutely love roller skating,  concerts, music, dancing,  relaxing out back in the hot tub with candles and a great book!
  • Favorite foods ” Asparagus, plain Red Roma Tomato with salt, Umm! beef short ribs, pot roast, duck , sushi- Blue-Fin is my fav! Love cereal on a late night!  Toast dipped in over easy brown eggs with grits, crab legs… I love fighting with it. Nuts, cheese, cantaloupe
  • Favorite restaurant ” Mr Chow” LA and London
  • Favorite perfume  ” Jimmy Choo”
  • Favorite colors ” green, white, and earth tones


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