Halle Moore
Meet Halle

During our Visit-

If what is listed below is not followed I will terminate

or meeting with out warning.

No finances or gifts will be discussed nor negotiated at any time.

* Do not point to the gift

* Do not hand it directly to me

* All gifts MUST be in plain sight! ACCOMPANIED WITH A thank you for spending with me card... belated birthday card, or an unmarked envelope.


** And NEVER talked about

Any lewd references to sexual acts will be             terminated immediately without warning.



Pre-our visit


Verifying- There are no exceptions, I will verify!!

please have employment information ready prior to contacting me.

* if you are a retiree, please 

have 3 verifiable references.

* RS2k, and P411, and date check member are welcome! however, I will ask for a reference.

*** Please note. I don't take references from

back page.


-There is nothing better than the natural smell of soap and water, please be very clean before our engagement, well groomed and trimmed so that it doesn't interfere with our fun, and have minty fresh breath.If you have allergies to certain fragrances please let me know.



Halle Moore
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