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* My Newly updated considerations can be found on my ad, usually on (member only sites) listed in your city such as p411 or Date check

* ( If you are viewing rates on TER )
Please note that usually the rate listed is only for my primary city and doesn't include all cities

* Access to my secure donations includes
donations, early mornings, weekends, outcalls, late night dates, specials

* If you are not a member of the sites listed above
please email me directly, Simply provide two references and I will email you within couple hours with a password to view this secure information.

* If you are member of the site above and would like to take advantage of some of the offerings also email me to gain access.

* You must be verified in order to receive donation information through this site. If you don't have references and you wish to use a another form of verification email me and we can discuss it further.

Thank you so much for understanding my privacy and safety....




Halle Moore
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