Las Vegas Meet&Greet Party

I enjoyed myself at the Las Vegas M&G it was a lot of fun. Thanks Juls and boneboybob for the invite.

It was a pleasure meeting all of you. Thank you..Chicagohotdog, Allure, Aprilluv and so much more for your warm welcomes, lovely hospitality.. and for showing me a great time! You are  great people, and joy to be around.

Ashley Sparks and Bianca Dior.. You are sweet hearts, cant wait to see you guys again. Thanks for holding me when I thought I lost my shoe. LOL

Bianca Dior: I’m still laughing about what happened with the waitress… You are too funny

Aprilluv, I love you! what a wonderful personality you have.

Allure… You are so amazing. Funny, beautiful, out going and most of all. Just YOU!  Thanks for the nice lunch, but wish you could have ordered me what chicagohotdog had. LOL

Lola: You are absolutely stunning.. what a sweetie too. Keep smiling beautiful.

Lovely elle – What a warm heart… and a welcoming smile you have. keep in touch Hun..

For the fun with the naughty gents.. Vegas sure knows how to treat a lady… I enjoyed the luncheons,  dates, and of course the fun..

For those I missed. Halle Love’s you! XOXO

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